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The Association of Senior International Project Managers ASIPMtrade; operates under the supervision of a global Board of Standards. Our designations are for those with an accredited degree and who have completed recognised ASIPM™ training. The ASIPM and its parent organization the International Academy of Business and Financial Management (IABFM – are members of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).

Our Global Board of Standards issues Project Management Certification to qualified professionals who meet our criteria and standards of:

  • Specialized Training or Education from an ASIPM™ approved and sanctioned program
  • Industry Knowledge in the Focal Project Management area
  • College educational portfolio or equivalency
  • Clear Understanding of Ethics and Ethical Roles of the Project Manager

Association of Senior International Project Managers ASIPM™

The ASIPM™ has become the organization of choice for highly educated individuals or industry experts. The ASIPM™ is the sole regulatory body for ASIPM™ Designations and Credentials. The ASIPM™ Certificates provide the assurance that the holder has met the required criteria for certification. The ASIPM™ has seen a meteoric rise in membership in recent years, as executives and managers strive to maintain and augment their education, unique credentials, and skill sets

ASIPM's mission is to serve its global membership and stakeholders as a world leader in educating and reinforcing the international knowledge of executives. ASIPM™ has partners in the UAE, Egypt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam , India, Malaysia, Africa, Europe, and more. ASIPM™ mandates consent to high standards of professional conduct, and ASIPM™ activities are International in nature and scope.

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