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Tailored In-House Training

Certified Courses

The Association of Senior International Project Managers offers a range of programs for project managers worldwide.

Some of these programs are offered in the public arena by partner providers, but others are specifically designed for deployment in-house in a customized fashion.

Individual program units typically run between 3 and 5 days (depending on location) and require specific prerequisites for entry which vary depending on the award offered. The programs, categorised by competency area, are classified as follows:

  1. Associate International Project Manager
  2. Registered Project Management Officer
  3. Registered Project Budgeting Analyst
  4. Registered Quality Management Analyst
  5. Registered Project Risk Analyst
  6. Registered Project Cost Controller
  7. Registered Solution Selection Analyst
  8. Certified Project Team Leader
  9. Arbitration & Conflict Resolution Specialist
  10. Registered Project Manager
  11. Certified Budgeting and Cost Control Manager
  12. Certified General Insurance Specialist
  13. Project Quality Management Analyst
  14. Certified Project Risk Analyst
  15. Contract Services Selection Analyst

Awards and Designations are offered by the Association of Senior International Project Managers.

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Top in-house programs

  • Associate International Project Manager
  • Registered Project Management Officer
  • Registered Project Manager
  • Registered Project Risk Analyst

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